One Way.

The Best Way.

Often the

hard way.

Always the

right way.

It also

happens to

be our way.


there is no

other way.

The result is

a singular



We Are

One is attitude. The drive to do things the right way, even if it is the hard way. We’re a couple of Albertans with a good old-fashioned work ethic striving for excellence.

Another One is equipment. Our hand crafted still is very special, capable of delivering extreme purity every time. We only need to distill once because we do it right the first time.

The third One is ingredients. When good stuff goes in, then great stuff comes out. So we only use local, premium ingredients.

That’s the ONE way.

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We Make

We craft premium spirits that are smooth, rich and flavourful.

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Premium Vodka

The Polish call it wódka. The Russians call it водка. And every other country in the Vodka belt – Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and Ukraine – have their name for the crystal elixir of the north. But here in Alberta, we call it Still One. Traditionally made, right down to the finest ingredients and the purest water, with an Alberta twist.

We craft sipping vodka at its finest thanks to state-of-the-art distillation equipment, high-level water purification and 100% Alberta wheat, all blended with old-world European knowledge. When served chilled, you will fully appreciate just how smooth and clean Still One Premium Vodka is. Subtle fruity notes tease the nose urging you to engage other senses.

40% alc./vol.
750 ml

Lemon Vodka

Think freshly squeezed lemons on a bright sunny day. Our Lemon Vodka is made with a traditional recipe and represents another example of trusting the old knowledge to make new favourites. Serve over ice.

40% alc./vol.
750 and 375 ml

Maple Vodka

Canadian premium quality maple syrup and Alberta grain combine to create subtle maple notes with a smoky caramel finish. Delivers a long, smooth, buttery maple after taste.

40% alc./vol.
750 and 375 ml

Dry Gin

The British Empire took gin around the world. We take the crisp, clean tang of gin out of this world. Still One Dry Gin features subtle piney flavour from juniper and the freshness of coriander. By carefully selecting eight specific botanicals, using a double infusion technique and controlling our water profile, we have created a unique dry gin you will love.

40% alc./vol.
750 ml

Rectified Spirit

An extremely pure base spirit ideal for use in many other spirits, like brandy, blended whisky and liqueurs. Thanks to our unique still, we only need to distill once to achieve over 95% alcohol by volume purity.

95% alc./vol.
750 ml

Recent Additions

• Sour Cherry Vodka
• Honey Vodka
• Lemoncello

40% and 30% alc./vol.
375 ml

How We

Do it

At MD Distillery, we blend trusted old European hand-crafting techniques and recipes with a unique state-of-the-art hand crafted still. Others often distill multiple times to match the strength of our spirit. Our way means we only have to do it once.

Our water is special, too. We use water filtered though a high-level water purification system in our distillery. This provides our artisan distillers with complete control to adjust both water and alcohol levels to achieve exquisite results.

Add in local, high-quality ingredients and you have one pure, crisp, refreshing experience every time.

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Restaurant, tours,

tastings and events


Our restaurant is perfect for evening meals and cocktails. Relax in a beautifully designed space that adds a modern twist to the experience of an old-school European coffee shop.

Starting July 1st, our restaurant will be available for sit-down. Given our limited seating, we recommend calling in advance for reservations. Items from our menu will still be available for pick-up.

Restaurant Hours (pick-up orders and tastings)
Sunday and Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm – 9:00pm

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Tours, tastings and events

Go behind the scenes with our private tours, tastings and infusion classes. Our restaurant is also available for private and corporate events.

Tours and tastings will commence soon. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on everything STILL ONE.

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MD Distillery

100 – 20 Circle Drive
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada T8N 7L4

P: 780-544-0600

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